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2011 Hyundai i40 Price in India

 Hyundai i40 1

2011 Hyundai i40:  Hyundai’s exclusive full together architecture differs from a energy split technology used by most competitors, allowing poignant efficiency advantages. New thing lithium polymer batteries leapfrog existent nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion applications to suggest the benefits of lithium-ion, a technology used in laptops as well as cell phones, with a combined robustness required in automotive applications. By using the company’s own rarely fit, compact new six-speed delivery, modified with hybrid starter-generator, electric engine, and low-friction oil siphon, the normal torque converter has been eliminated. Hyundai’s vigilant to suggest class-leading efficiency has resulted in the projected best-in category highway fuel saving of 6.03 L/100km (39mpg), roughly suited by the projected city fuel economy of 6.36 L/100km (37mpg).

2011 Hyundai i40

2011 Hyundai i40

2011 Hyundai i40 Features:

  • Displacement: 1991cc, 4 Cylinder.
  • Engine Type: Diesel.
  • Maximum Power: 140 Bhp @ 4000 rpm.
  • Maximum Torque: 310 Nm @ 2600 rpm.
  • Seating Capacity: 5.
  • Steering: Tilt.
  • Brakes: Front Ventilated, Rear Disk.
  • Gears: 5 Manual.
  • Fuel Tank: 70.00.
  • Trip Meter: 2.
  • Airbag: 8.
  • Power Windows: Yes.

2011 Hyundai i40 Price in India: 19,00,000 INR.

2011 Hyundai i40 Price in USA: 40,425 USD.

2011 Hyundai i40 Price in Australia: 47,500 AUD.

2011 Hyundai i40 Price in Canada: 50,000 CAD.

2011 Hyundai i40 Price in Europe: 31,666 EUR.