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Ford B-Max Features and Price

Ford B-Max

Ford has been into the automobile market for quite some time now. With new cars being launched into the market every other day, Ford has emerged as a strong contender for other car manufacturers around the world. At this time, Ford has been offering the B-Max to its customers, who are making it the hot pick of the season. The B-Max has features which are certainly an eye candy for those who had been planning to buy a car with a difference. What makes a car successful in the market? Features, performance, interiors and exteriors are the answer. Ford has instilled the B-Max with the best of everything. This super five-seater car shall be launched very shortly in the Geneva Motors Show.

Ford B-Max 2


The Ford B-Max is available with four petrol engines options- three cylinder 1.0 Ecoboost units with 99 or 118bhp and four cylinder 1.4 or 1.6 units. Diesel options of 1.5 and 1.6 are available as well.


The Ford B-Max is a high-sided MPV which makes your body lean through corners. It has sliding rear doors which boost a panoramic view of the outside from the inside. The quality of glass provided for the windows is said to be shatter resistant in case of an accident. Since there is nothing in between the doors, it is quite easy to get in and get out of the car. It is worthy to be mentioned here that the doors boast boron steel reinforcements that lock together when the doors are closed. Based on the Fiesta, the Ford B-Max is around 12cm longer and taller than its counterpart, but what makes it unique is the door system without any central pillars in between the front and the back ones. An aperture space of 1.5 meters can be seen when both the doors are open. There is enough of head room and legroom available for comfortable seating of four adults. The dashboard is quite funky look-wise but you might need to spend some time with the on-screen menus in order to become familiar to them.


When we talk about the absence of central pillars from in-between the doors, it certainly strikes our mind about the degree of safety while driving the car. It is worthy to be mentioned here that when the doors of the B-Max are closed, locator hooks in the side sills and roof lock them properly in order to maintain rigidity of the body. It has a stiff set up, which make it just the ideal car for great handling characteristics. The boot inside the car is not big enough at 318 liters, but 1386 liters of space can be made folding the rear seats completely.


The Ford B-Max comprises of four electric windows, electric door mirrors, and a stereo with aux-in socket and a DAB radio. The mid-ranged Zetec comprises of alloy wheels, heated windscreen, air conditioning, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The top-most Titanium models boost features like cruise control, climate control, heated front seats, automatic headlights and wipers.

As far as the refinement of the car is concerned, the Ford B-Max does a pretty good job in this respect. There is minimal wind and road noise. Even the clutch and the gearshift have a well-weighted quality which enhance the features of the B-Max.

The basic model of the Ford B-Max composes of an 89 bhp, 1.4 liter petrol engine, which is smooth in its power delivery. The lack of a sixth gear in this model infers that the revolutions are quite high at motorway speeds. As far as the 98 bhp, three cylinder Ecoboost engine is concerned, Ford claims that it combines the power of a 1.6 l with the economy of a 1.0 l engine.

When driving it on the road, the engine appears to be punchy enough. Despite of the three-cylinder exhaust note, mechanical vibration is almost absent. While buying an MPV from the market, your primary concern is not sporty handling. It certainly has to be comfortable for you and your family. But the B-Max doesn’t fulfill this purpose up to the standards. It thumps too much over potholes and never feels to be quite comfortable even on the roadways.

Price and Launch Date

It has been priced between £12,995 to £18,895, which appears to be a high price as far as performance is concerned.