Updates|March 26, 2013 4:04 am

Marching ahead in 2013 with Gadgets and Gizmos

Technology has shaped up the modern civilization in a stylishly elegant way. It has escaped the realms of ‘obvious’, and has scaled imagination to newer heights. Year 2012, saw some remarkable landmarks. The Pioneers, from different fields, in their respective industries pushed hard to bring out standards that became the standard benchmark. I-phone 5, Galaxy Generation 3 and many such lavish products graced the markets and allured the customers in an enticing way. But if you think, year 2012 showed a little glimpse of where technology is headed, than 2013, definitely will take in that direction.  Flag bearers from the fields, are taking risks, developing milestones, working creatively hard to come up with ideas and products that will change the customers psyche forever. With all the anticipation and hype, it is safe to assume that 2013 will be more interesting for consumers and business environment.

Lets’ read more into the products that are already creating their buzz for a grand launch in the coming year of 2013:


Cell phone in a wrist watch, this is exactly what “pebble 3″ is. And it has received record breaking publicity for what it can do. This watch is capable of blending with Android phones and Iphone  and can run multiple applications. These watches bring convenience, updates & accessibility to the dynamic life. Due to its stylish design, features and capabilities it has already received more than $10.2 millions in funding. This phenomenal technology will flourish more as it is more interesting and new for consumers and assumes to multiply in 2013.

Launch Date in India: Not yet decided.

Price: Starting range $149


Windows 8 is set to dominate ANDROID OS this year “2013”.  Android ruled the demand list of the consumers last year and this year Windows has decided to reap benefits from it.  Consumers and hardware manufacturers have adopted a different kind of OS and Windows 8 is the only operating system which offers that functionality. So, this year most of the companies are bound to release their products using windows 8 user interface. This release can also be touted as “THE DECLINE OF ANDROID”.

Launched Date: March 2013 in India.

Price: Between $400 to $600


The device such as wireless charger is an excellent invention. This first of its kind wireless charger is made for Nokia lumia 920 and lg nexus 4. It is more like a charging mat where one can easily place their device to charge their battery. It works on the principle of electromagnetic induction, according to which this mat creates magnetic field by changing flux. This invention is already been seen as a major event in increasing the sales of mobile phones.

Launched Date: In January 2013.

Price: Between 1000 INR to 1500 INR


Nokia Lumia 800, is expected to bring a change in which photographs are being clicked and taken during night time. Nokia stands true to its reputation; it has again delivered a unique product, which is capable of taking magnificent images in dim light. Along with the demand of new users interface OS, the consumers and hardware manufacturers are anticipating devices, which consist both the features: OS and HD camera and can also work in night light.

Launched Date: Already Launched in United States, expected to reach Indian Markets in March 2013

Price: Between $250 to $450


A new BB10 had released in the starting of the year and company has decided to cover a broad range in order to attract customers. This software comes with a feature to create a new user interface. This phone is boosted by an exciting feature like BB peek, which allows users to switch between multiple applications without closing them.

Launched Date: 1st week of March, 2013

Price: 42,000 INR and 45,000 INR


The role of technology in our lives is gaining momentum everyday. Keeping this in mind “FIREFOX” is set to release its own Operating System, in the first half of the year 2013. It uses Linux kernel which lets the user run applications developed entirely using HTML5, JAVASCRIPT. This OS is definitely going to challenge Samsung and Apple mobile devices. Moreover, Firefox OS provides an alternative platform to android.

7. IGZO:

IGZO, in general terms means, indium, gallium and zinc oxide:  A new technology, which will be used in making mobile screens for the future. This new technology is expected to cover in full force in year 2013. If rumors are to be believed, big brands like, Apple are already looking interestingly on the development of this new feature.

8. 3–D printing:

This new and interesting technology is capable of printing a design in 3-D manner. 3D has already entered the technological arena in a grand way. And its stand the grip in this field is only going to get stronger. According to the predictions in 2013 more and more companies will release their 3-d printers so that they could become popular and can be used widely all across the world.

2012 was refreshing, but 2013 already has seen some great products in store. The consumer market is changing and changing fast. And if new launches in 2013, are able to match their hype, than this year is surely going to be much more stylish and much more advance.