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Schwinn Valo Price

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Schwinn Valo

Schwinn Valo

Schwinn Valo is Powered by air cooled 49.5cc 4 stroke engines and CVT , they have three models, the Campus, the Collegiate and the Graduates.Schwinn Valo have both electric and kick start, the Campus has drum brakes while the other two models have a combination of drum and disc. Schwinn Valo comes in the two different color options which are the following Red, green.

Overall ranking of Schwinn Valo: 8/10
Summary of Schwinn Valo! HAVE A PLEASURABLE RIDE!

Schwinn Valo

Schwinn Valo

list of  Specifications of Schwinn Valo:

  • Engine type:
    Single cylinder.
  • Gearbox:
  • Front suspension:
    26mm Stanchion/Telescopic.
  • Front brakes:
    Single disc.
  • Dry weight:
    90 kg.
  • Overall length of Schwinn Valo:
    1,849 mm.
  • Overall width of Schwinn Valo:
    680 mm.

Schwinn Valo Price in India: coming soon in india.

Schwinn Valo Price in USA: 1699 USD.

Schwinn Valo Price in Australia: 1790 AUD.

Schwinn Valo Price in Canada: 1750 CAD.

Schwinn Valo Price in Europe: 1390 EUR.