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Scorpa SR 250 Price

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Scorpa SR 250

Scorpa SR 250

Scorpa SR 250 is comes with the very powerfull engine as we talk about the dirt bikes it comes with the 272 ccm displacement that means the volume through which the piston travels during a single stroke of an engine. This term is sometimes also used for the total volume displaced by all engine pistons. The displacement is measured inn cubic centimeteres (ccm) and its Front suspension are 40 mm hydraulic fork, adjustable compression and rebond damping, Rear suspension comes with adjustable hydraulic single damper and Scorpa SR 250 weighs only 70 kg or 154.3 pounds.

Scorpa SR 250

Scorpa SR 250

Overall rating of Scorpa SR 250: 9/10.

 Summary of Scorpa SR 250: !!! SUPERB  BIKE!!!

 Here are the Specifications of Scorpa SR 250:

  • Displacement:
    272 ccm.
  • Engine type:
  • Fuel system:
  • Lubrication system:
    2% mixture.
  • Gearbox:
  • Clutch:
    Wet multidisc.

 Scorpa SR 250 Price in India: coming soon in india.

Scorpa SR 250 Price in USA: 10789 USD.

Scorpa SR 250 Price in Australia: 11235 AUD.

Scorpa SR 250 Price in Canada: 11400 CAD.

Scorpa SR 250 Price in Europe: 8500 EUR.