Updates|March 25, 2013 4:23 am

Smartphones in 2013, the direction they are headed

Smartphones has changed the world like no other technology has ever done before. If progress on this technology going round the world is any indication, this technology still has a lot more in store for us. The arrival of these Smartphones is indeed a great technological breakthrough, which brought about an ease of operation and capability for high end usage & speed. The main thing, which pushes the enigma of these Smartphones around the world, is the availability of apps. There are thousands of different kinds of apps that are available for the users from the App store that they can download as per their demand. Even before Iphone & Samsung, gained the momentum in the market, Simon was the 1st Smartphone that was released some 20 years ago. As years passed on, the technology went into further up gradation and improved as per our needs and demands. Each year Apple and Samsung tussle hard to impose their dominance in the market, by launching their products with advance and latest technology. So, here are some features that are expected in 2013 for smartphones:



This mobile is expected to be seen early this year and is capable of capturing 4k i.e. ULTRA HD PICTURE. The rumors are circulating that the mobile named snapdragon 800 processor includes features that allow downloading of thousands of apps, offers full gaming speed and is capable of capturing video in HD format. Ultra HD name is given to 4k i.e. 1080 format because of its resolution of 3840×2160 pixels.



The big giant SONY is going to release XPERIA which will have quad core. This device will be 7.9mm thick, sandwiched between two sheets of tempered gorilla glass and will be like iphone5. This product is considered to give Apple a serious competition in its league.



Foldable and flexible displays that can be wrapped easily, seems to be a reality in 2013. The Samsung Company showed some prototype displays and is going to launch a new brand named “youm”. In this project, OLEDs will be used instead of LCDs as OLEDs to emit their own light and they don’t need thick & heavy backlight, a revolutionary trend that can exhibit its own range.



LAST YEAR, the smartphones became very popular because of their high resolution screens i.e. 720p HD screens. And in 2013, the market is predicting the release of smartphones having 1080 HD screens. These screens will be far superior to what Samsung has ever displayed. This new emergence is bound to create a stir in the market, and is expected to give Samsung market share a real push upwards.



The crown of Android as the most successful Operating system is facing a serious threat in 2013. Consumers and manufacturers are really getting excited about the revolutionary trends that are being showcased by operating systems like windows 8 and other. They systematically place all the features, on which Android once gained supremacy. The market is expecting some bullish launches in segments of Tablets and Smartphones to give consumers a real deal for their money. This excitement is already setting anticipation a blaze and is a hint of events that are going to establish their firm presence in 2013.

When Smartphones were launched in the market, no one ever thought them to be this impact. Their presence has created a cult of its own. They have slowly emerged as s status symbol, and people expect something new from them all the time. And the brands involved in these companies are remarkably living up to the huge expectations of their customers. 2013 can expect lots of twist and turns in the fortunes of the companies that are involved in this battle of dominance. No matter where the companies stand in their rankings at the end of the year, one thing is sure that consumers are going to enjoy this technological hustle.