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Spirometer Price, Features, Reviews

Check out the Price, features, reviews of Spirometer from Price it !!!


Spirometer is the smallest, lightest and most accurate. Now you can perform full-function spirometry anywhere. was validated by the LDS Hospital’s Pulmonary Laboratory against 26 demanding waveforms and out-performed systems costing 10 times its price. was found to have unparalleled accuracy. Not only does it exceed the ATS Standard it also out-performs the competition. Spirometer also features Lung Age Calculation, Adult and Pediatric Incentives, FVC, SVC, MVV, Pre/Post Testing and Flow Volume Loops, ATS, BTS-NICE and Enright Interpretation Protocols.

 Specification of Spirometer:

  • Communication: RS-232.
  • Flow sensor: infrared interruption.
  • Maximum Volume: 10L.
  • Flow Range: 0-16 L/sec.
  • Volume Accuracy: ±3% or 50ml.
  • Flow Accuracy: ±5% or 200L/sec.
  • Carrying Case: Convenient carry case supplied.


Spirometer Price in India: 89775 INR.

Spirometer Price in USA: 1995 USD.

Spirometer Price in Australia: 1910 AUD.

Spirometer Price in Canada: 1034 CAD.

Spirometer Price in Europe: 1989 EUR.