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Sym Citycom Price

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Sym Citycom

Sym Citycom

Sym Citycom is very fashionable smart scooter and it is easy to handle, its spare body parts are easy available in the nearby market and also it comes with Torque -23.50 Nm that is the tendency of a force to cause an object to rotate. In an engine, the torque is expressed as the force applied multiplied by the distance from the center of rotation. It is the basic measure of the propulsive effect of a powered wheel. Or, said in other words: The measure of the force applied to produce rotational motion usually measured in foot-pounds or Nm. Torque is determined by multiplying the applied force by the distance from the pivot point to the point where the force is applied and its Power/weight ratio would be 0.1122 HP/kg.

Sym Citycom

Sym Citycom

Overall rating of Sym Citycom: 7/10.

Summary of Sym Citycom: !!! Convenient and Fashionable Style!!!

Specifications of Sym Citycom:

  • Displacement:
    262 ccm.
  • Compression:
  • Top speed:
    128 km/h.
  • Fuel system:
  • Fuel control:
  • Gearbox:

Sym Citycom Price in India: Not Available in india.

Sym Citycom Price in USA: 4500 USD.

Sym Citycom Price in Australia: 4675 AUD.

Sym Citycom Price in Canada: 4800 CAD.

Sym Citycom Price in Europe: 3790 EUR.