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Vectrix VX Price

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Vectrix VX

Vectrix VX

Vectrix VX  is the best eco-friendly scooter you can buy. Vectrix VX looks and feels like any other comfortable large scooter, but the all-electric Vectrix VX uses no gas and also Vectrix VX  is faster off the line than any scooter I’ve ridden and experiences almost no power loss under load, Vectrix VX  electric scooter can reach speeds of up to 65 mph, taking steep hills and busy highways with ease.

Overall ranking of Vectrix VX: 5/10
Summary! Go for a ride!

 List of Specifications of Vectrix VX:

  •  Top speed:
    100.0 km/h.
  • Gearbox:
  • Rear suspension:
    Sachs Twin Shocks.
  • Front brakes:
    Single disc.
  • weighs:
    227 kg.
  • What are the Color options:
    Green, pearl, blue, red.
Vectrix VX

Vectrix VX

Vectrix VX Price in India: coming soon in india.

Vectrix VX Price in USA: 8500 USD.

Vectrix VX Price in Australia: 8650 AUD.

Vectrix VX Price in Canada: 8690 CAD.

Vectrix VX Price in Europe: 8299 EUR.