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Vyrus 985 Price

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Vyrus 985

Vyrus 985

Stability and ride quality of Vyrus 985 are surprisingly good as being for a Sportsbike and the springless Double System air shocks are well set up in their standard settings, and are for sure more compliant than the stiffly sprung hlins we had to run to stop my Tesi racebike from weaving at speed. Vyrus 985 is easily flicked side to side, whereas the Tesi was hard work at speed. The radical steering geometry, with an 18-degree effective head angle and 3.8 inches of trail,allowed it to change direction faster than most bikes of comparable size.

Vyrus 985

Vyrus 985

Overall Rating of Vyrus 985: 9/10.

Here comes the Specifications of Vyrus 985:

  • Displacement:
    1000 ccm.
  • Bore x stroke:
    104.0 x 58.8 mm.
  • Valves per cylinder:
  • Exhaust system:
    Underseat double stainless.
  • Front suspension:
    Suspension fully adjustable.
  • Rear tyre dimensions:
  • Weight:
    157 kg.

Vyrus 985 Price in India: coming soon in india.

Vyrus 985 Price in USA: 44000 USD.

Vyrus 985 Price in Australia: 44670 AUD.

Vyrus 985 Price in Canada: 45299 CAD.

Vyrus 985 Price in Europe: 41777 EUR.