Mobile Phones|May 7, 2012 12:22 am

Windows Phone Refresh Latest Upcoming Phone in 2012

Windows Phone Refresh

Windows Phone Refresh

Microsoft has finally renamed its WP 7.5 “Tango” to Windows Phone Refresh with its all new interesting features. The company has upgraded the phone to a large extent with new set of improvements in its previously known device Tango. This is the reason why Microsoft preferred to change the name without even revising the version number.

This phone is compatible even at 250 MB of RAM which means it is intended to be a cheaper device in comparison to its contemporaries. This Windows phone is equipped with features like better MMS support and increased SIM and roaming option. Also, the new version won’t be supporting features like Local Scout, fast app switching, automatic image upload to SkyDrive and podcast subscription management, reason being these applications need more processing power and RAM.

The phone has improved media messaging and will also show an icon that denotes the information in the phone is being processed. The other important features of this updated version include four different screen resolutions, multi-core support and removable microSD cards.

Also, the Windows Phone Refresh has all new privacy alerts and its icon will be shown near the battery icon on the screen. The phone’s price is still not revealed but it will hit the shelves somewhere in May 2012.

Price of Windows Phone Refresh: Not Revealed Yet.